Veterans Defense Project

Promoting the effective and vigorous defense of military veterans in criminal court.

The mission of the Veterans Defense Project is:

1. To conduct and support education, research, and informational activities to increase public awareness of issues effecting military veterans in the criminal justice system;

2. To promote the effective legal representation of military veterans charged with criminal offenses; and

3. To promote the rehabilitation of criminally-involved veterans.


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501(c)(3) Status Granted on 10/02/2014

This page will maintain links to valuable research in the areas of veterans legal issues, military culture, PTSD, TBI, co-occurring substance abuse or other service related disorders, or any area we think may be particularly interesting to our readers.

This video shows one touching example of how pets are helping veterans with PTSD.

This piece Journal of Neurosurgery on the long term pathology related to TBIs was brought to our attention by a Book contributor, Dr. Ronald Glasser:

The New York Times found it important enough to translate for we non-doctors:

PTSD Quarterly is a VA publication that was brought to our attention by Dennis McClellan, an amazing veterans advocate in Florida.  The most recent articles are available at this link.  These provide concise reading on some more up-to-date trauma research.